Greenville Board of Selectmen’s Meeting Minutes

6:30 PM Wednesday, March 17, 2010 – Municipal Building

“Happy St. Patrick’s Day”

Present at meeting:             

   X     Chair Eugene F. Murray, Sr.                      X     Vice-Chair Alan McBrierty             Selectman Bruce Hanson         

        Selectman Ellen Edgerly                               X      Selectman Richard Peat            X      Town Manager John Simko

   X     Others:


Jonathan Pratt, Moosehead Matters; Stu Hegerstrum, Piscataquis Observer; Jeff Pomerleau, Police Chief; Heather Perry, Superintendent of Schools; Ralph Johnson, citizen; Rocky Elsemore, citizen.


1.                  Minutes from Meeting of March 3, 2010:


Motion to Accept:            Richard                      Second to Motion:     Alan


Motion Passed by vote of:          3-0.


2.                  Public Comment Period:            None


3.                  Additions or Deletions to the Agenda:  Table #4, Town Manager’s Report

Add MDOT Road Project Prioritization.


Board members agreed by consensus to table #4 and add the listed item.


4.                  Town Manager’s Report:           In an effort to better relay the activities of the Town Manager in each two-week period between Selectmen’s Meetings, I plan to compile a one-page report for each meeting.  Unless otherwise noted, there will not be any action items intended for this agenda item each meeting.




5.                  Ethics Policy:       This item was briefly discussed at the last meeting and various examples of ethics policies from other towns were circulated to Board members.  If the Board wishes to adopt such a policy, I recommend that it model its policy after one of the other municipal policies and begin with agreement for how public meetings should be run.


Motion:     Move forward with creation and adoption of a Town of Greenville Ethics Policy, using one of the five examples as a model and after it is drafted, allowing each Selectman the opportunity to suggest changes, including the inclusion of selected portions of the other examples from other communities.


Motion Made By:            Richard                      Second to Motion:     Alan


Motion Passed by vote of:          3-0.


6.                  Liquor License Renewal – Grave’s Seafood:   Recommend approval.


Motion:     Approve renewal of liquor license.


Motion Made By:            Alan                            Second to Motion:     Richard


Motion Passed by vote of:          3-0.


7.                  Police Chief’s Report


No action taken – report included

-     discussion of support of new Chief and the police Department as a whole from various community members / organizations;

-     proposal for installing snow removal and sanding equipment on the oldest of two police trucks for use on sidewalks and parking lots;

-     efforts to bring Town into narrowband frequency compliance for two-way radio communication and

-     need to become National Incident Management System (NIMS) compliant in order to qualify for future Homeland Security Grants for two-way radio communication improvements.


8.                  Results of Bids for Sidewalk Maintenance and Plow Route:  Bids closed for these requests for proposals 3:00 PM Friday, March 12, 2010.  A presentation will be made at the Selectmen’s Meeting outlining the results of these bids and a comparison with current costs through the Public Works Department.


Discussion only – to be considered at Selectmen’s Budget workshop meeting of March 24, 2010.


9.                  Update on Proposed School Building Renovation Project:     Superintendent of Schools Heather Perry will offer an update to the proposed school building renovation project.


Discussion only – Superintendent of Schools discussed and fielded questions in regard to wood boiler project and HVAC project for the Oakes Building.


10.              Presentation of Draft FY10-11 Greenville Municipal Budget:           This will be presented to the Board of Selectmen by the Town Manager.  It is not expected that the budget will be reviewed by the Board of Selectmen at this meeting but rather through a series of workshop sessions as scheduled. 


Discussion only – budget narrative and budget summary circulated to Selectmen by Town manager – more details to be given at the March 24 budget workshop.


11.              Additions to the Agenda (if any):          MDOT Road Prioritization


Board of Selectmen agreed by consensus to have Town Manager prepare and send in to Eastern Maine Development Corporation the requested MDOT road project prioritization for consideration in the coming year – to be circulated for review to the Selectmen.


12.              “What’s on your mind?” – an opportunity for members of the Board of Selectmen to share questions, concerns, ideas or suggestions – informational only:


Richard Peat – what about the proposed wind turbine / radiant heat project for the municipal building?

Town Manager – this is being developed and will be added to the April 7 meeting agenda.


13.              Adjourned at 19:54.