Greenville Selectmen's Meeting
February 6, 2002 - 6:30 PM at Greenville Municipal Building

1. Minutes

2. Wood Composites Business Incubator Project: As per our previous meeting, I recommend that the Board dedicate the Spruce Street lot to the Wood Composites Business Incubator Center for the construction of a 30,000 to 40,000 sq. ft. building on the site. We need this lot in order to proceed. The value of the lot will count toward the Town of Greenville’s contribution to this project, and will help in securing grant funds for the project. Also, in order to develop the necessary business plan for the Wood Composites Business Incubator Center, the PCEDC is seeking funds through Rural Development to fund creation of the plan (est. $40,000 cost). Unfortunately, PCEDC already has an application in to Rural Development for another unrelated project. Therefore, it would make sense for the Town of Greenville to be the applicant for the necessary planning funds (there is no local match required by the Town, except for donated labor in the form of my time and Mark’s time). Mark will be present to discuss the details: I recommend that the Town apply for these necessary funds.

3. Piscataquis County Development Corporation Formation: The Piscataquis County Economic Development Council has formed a subcommittee - known as the Speculation Building Committee - which has worked for over a year exploring funding models and the feasibility of developing a speculation building in our county. The committee met Thursday, January 17, and voted unanimously to develop a three-building program, placing the first building by 2003 in Greenville, the second within five years later in Milo, and the third in another five years in either Dover-Foxcroft or Guilford. All municipalities in Piscataquis County would have the opportunity to join the corporation, and would have a voting representative to the Board. The Board would confirm the details for the building projects. They would be funded with grant funds and from a bond taken out in the name of the collective municipalities. By statute, the municipal officers have the authority to form such a corporation. Mark will be present with incorporation papers prepared by Erik Stumpfel of Eaton and Peabody. I recommend the Board of Selectmen agree to participate in this corporation, which is carries with it no financial obligations. Before any bond could be committed by the Town, it would have to go before Town Meeting. This is the necessary first step to get this program up and running, and in this case, to begin plans for construction of the Wood Composites Business Incubator Center here in Greenville.

4. Airport Update: Tabled from the last meeting, I will update the Board on the funding schedule for improvements to the airport, as well as ask you questions about how you prefer to proceed on the hangar project and also revising the length and terms of the hangar lot lease.

5. Licensed Plumbing Inspector Appointment: I have met with LPI Will Kirshner of Caratunk, who has been named by the State of Maine to serve the unorganized territories previously maintained by Ed Jackson. I have found out that the State of Maine requires full licensure by any individual to be named as an LPI in a municipality: we may not name someone without a license and give them so long to acquire it. Furthermore, the local contacts mentioned at a previous meeting do not have an LPI license. I am in the process of contacting Monson and Shirley’s LPI Brian Turner to ascertain his level of interest. If he is interested, I would recommend naming one of them as the primary LPI and the other as the alternate LPI, thereby increasing the likelihood that contractors would be able to contact one of them in a timely fashion.

6. Budget Issues - Capital Requests: I have organized some data on three capital requests for next year. These are not the some total of all capital requests, but rather are the major ones which require some deliberation and ultimately some action by the Board. They are listed in detail below.

A. Municipal Building: I have circulated a memo to all municipal employees who currently work in this building. I will summarize their comments regarding the pro’s and con’s for each option, and present a coordinated recommendation to the Board at this meeting. I firmly believe that after 41 years of use and 16 years of deliberation, it is time for the Town to decide what it is going to do for municipal facilities.

B.Public Works Plow Truck: Two years ago, the Board of Selectmen agreed to purchase a new dual axle dump truck (wheeler) to replace the 1986 Ford single-axle truck (red truck). The orange truck is also a 1986 Ford single axle, and although it has had a motor job a few years ago, and some frame reinforcement last year, it, too, is in dire need of replacement. I have attached a print-out showing the status of our current public works equipment accounts, and recommend that the Board utilize these funds along with a financing mechanism to purchase another wheeler to replace the orange truck. The wheeler we have now works very well in multiple applications: its larger size has proven to be only an asset, and not a liability. I recommend we go to bid for the same truck / body specifications as we did two years ago.

C. Computer Upgrade: The newest computers in the Town Office are now three years old, and have had some major components replaced in each (modems, hard drives, floppy drives). Some of our machines are not even this new (e.g., Code Enforcement Officer’s computer, Police Department Computer). I recommend that two of the three computers out front be upgraded, along with the Code Enforcement Officer’s computer. I recommend that the computer in my office be moved to Public Works, and that mine be replaced with a laptop. Total cost for the upgrade for General Government should be about:

Three computer workstations @ $1,100 ea: $3,300
One laptop computer: $1,600
Total cost, General Government: $4,900

The displacement of two computers will also allow for one of them to become a workstation specific to the MOSES program required for completing IFW transactions.

In addition to an upgrade for general government, I recommend purchasing a new workstation for the Police Department, allowing for a total of two workstations in the PD. Total cost: $1,100.

I believe we need these improvements to remain within the "curve", if you will, for computer technology. We have had problems with the current computers (replaced hard drives, floppy drives, CD Roms, questionable motherboard). It is time for something new, especially if we ever want to get into digital photos for property card records.

7. Property Tax Reform Legislation Forwarded by the Maine Municipal Association: MMA is forwarding a landmark piece of property tax reform legislation which would greatly decrease the amount of money raised in each municipalities for education, without short-changing the school district from necessary funds. MAM is looking for support from member municipalities, especially service center communities such as Greenville. I have attached a summary of the findings of the tax reform commission that came up with this concept. I will have additional information for your consideration at the meeting. I strongly recommend that the Town of Greenville support this legislation.

8. Quit-Claim Deed for Niles McBriearty: This finalizes the deal agreed to between the Board of Selectmen and Mr. McBriearty. I recommend that the Board sign the deed.

9. Request for Abatement from Greenville Steam Plant (Board of Assessors): I have some information from our attorney on this matter which you may wish to review in Executive Session.

10. Warrants

11. Adjourn

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