Greenville Selectmen's Meeting
January 16, 2002 - 6:30 PM at Greenville Municipal Building

1. Minutes

2. Liquor License Renewal – Kelly's Landing

3. Presentation by Piscataquis County Economic Development Council Executive Director Mark Scarano, RE: Proposed Wood Composites Incubator Center in Greenville, Maine: I have asked Mark to give this presentation to the Selectmen, and I have taken the liberty of inviting Superintendent of Schools Bill Folsom, Greenville Steam Plant Manager Scott Hersey and also Moosehead Development Council Chair Philomena Marshall. This is a very important project which has the potential of having one of the strongest and longest beneficial impacts tot he Greenville-area economy in recent years. I urge the Board to learn more about this project, and to work to see that the project is realized.

4. Property Values: 1. Following meetings between the Board of Selectmen and Agent to the Board of Assessors Bob Duplissea, and also a recent meeting between Board Chairman Gene Murray, Town Clerk Roxanne Lizotte, and myself, short-range and long-range plans have developed for how to address our property values. The problem is that sale prices have skyrocketed in recent years, increasing the distance between the state valuation for Greenville and our own assessed value. The plan – which involves a sales ratio study over each and every designated neighborhood in Greenville, and also a rolling-back of the ~1992 10% depreciation of all buildings, except commercial and modular – could be accomplished by April 1. The work which Bob would have to do for us would be done at his lowest day-rate, and would yield an estimated $4,000 cost for all of his work. Roxanne would work with him to add three-years worth of sales figures to a set of property maps. The Board of Assessors would review the maps and the work done by Bob Duplissea, and then change the base value for land in each neighborhood as necessary.

The long-term solution is to conduct a full property revaluation. The earliest Bob Duplissea could begin this work for us would by 2006, at an estimated cost between $60,000 and $120,000. If the Board does not take any action between now and then, our certified ratio for property values would fall below 90%, detrimentally impacting the funds we receive from the state. Also, I believe my mill-rate projections would come true. The Board may want to entertain a third option which would take the place of a full-revaluation. It involves doing more with our annual "review" of one-quarter of the properties in Town. Gene and I will explain this further at the meeting.

5. Requests for Abatement: The Board of Assessor shave received two requests for abatement of property taxes. One is from Ken Snowden, who lives in Moosehead Junction but has a fraction of his house lot in the Town of Greenville. The second is from Greenville Steam Company. Our Assessor's agent has seen both requests: the requests and his comments have been forwarded to you.

6. FY 2002-2003 Budget Schedule: I have sent some preliminary information to the Budget committee regarding the "big picture" for our financial situation (all of which was also sent to the Board). I will present the Board with a proposed series of meeting dates and deadlines for preparation and adoption of the FY 2002-2003 municipal budget. Please bring your calendars so that you may check to see if these dates work for you.

7. Airport Update: I met two weeks ago with our engineers from Dufresne-Henry and also with officials from the Aviation Division of the MDOT. I have attached project lists presented by each, and I will forward you my memo on these projects once it is completed. It is clear that our projects are in the pipeline. I will go over these details at the meeting.

8. Request for Partnership in School Buses with Acadian Railway, LLC: I have forwarded to the Board previously a letter from Randy Parten of Acadian Railway regarding joint-purchase and joint-use of school busses between the Town of Greenville and Acadian. In short, Acadian needs to have some form of public transportation for its guests, starting this summer. They are looking at purchasing three large school buses (77 student maximum capacity) from a Texas company for about $37,000 each. They would like to lease them to the Greenville Schools for use during the school year, or, conversely, have the Town own them and they lease them from us.

s past summer, Acadian officials met with myself, School Board Chair Dick Gould and Superintendent of Schools Bill Folsom. It was clear from this meeting that there would be a lot of red tape to cut through to make this work, especially to get state monies for the purchase. I suggested at the time that perhaps the Town would want to own them, purchasing them through a bond, and then collect sufficient lease revenue from Acadian to pay for the debt each year. At the same time, the Town would "lease" them to Union #60 for the cost of maintenance, fuel, insurance, and other operational costs throughout the school year. Dick Gould seemed most interested in this, but it has not progressed any further. Randy would like to know our level of interest before proceeding. Whether the Town participates or not, we are going to see "Moose Buses" around town this summer. A fall-back position might be to let Acadian do its own thing, but lease one bus from them each school year just for sports events and field trips. I will forward this agenda to Dick Gould and Bill Folsom for their consideration. Bill should be at our meeting Wednesday night for the Wood Composites presentation, so perhaps the Board could seek his input at that time.

9. Welcome Sign in the Junction: I am preparing a grant application for funds for a welcome sign in Greenville Junction similar to the sign that exists at the bottom of Indian Hill in Greenville Village. The grant will pay for all of the materials and most of the labor. Although our Junction Revitalization Plan is not yet complete (but is nearly so), the members of the Revitalization Planning Committee have consistently pointed to this as a need in the Junction area. I recommend the Board authorize me to submit this application for funds from the Gateway Grant Program offered by the MDOT on behalf of the Town of Greenville.

I will also update the Board on the progress by EMDC on completing our Junction Revitalization Plan.

10. Update on B&A Railroad Bankruptcy: : I will update the board on this on-going legal process.

11. LPI Appointment: I will update the Board on the contacts I have made. The Board may want to postpone this appointment until the next meeting.

12. Warrants

13. Adjourn

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