Greenville Selectmen's Meeting
January 2, 2002 - 6:30 PM at Greenville Municipal Building

1. Minutes

2. Presentation by Piscataquis County Soil & Water Conservation District: A representative from the Piscataquis County S&WCD has asked to come and speak to the Board of Selectmen to better explain their services in general and their activities in particular to the greater Greenville area. This organization annually requests funding from all communities in Piscataquis County: Greenville has typically given $200 each year until two years ago. Although this is the first service organization which has asked to address the Board of Selectmen about their services, I have received numerous other requests. Would the Board like to schedule, later in the season, a specific meeting to hear these requests, or would you rather let the Budget Committee deal with such requests? Last year, no such meeting was held: the Board and the Budget committee simply adopted my recommendation to pay only the same organizations which were the year previous.

3. Police Department Report by Chief Alexander: Our Police Chief will be present to give his monthly report, and to address any questions you may have.

4. Update on Public Works Building Renovations and Transition Plan: Work is progressing slowly on the new PW facility. Mike and I will provide an update, as well as a rough schedule and transition plan.

5. Water Problems in Old Mill District: Over the Christmas holiday, I spoke with a property owner on Wells Street regarding a lack of drinking water from the cement springhouse on the corner of Wells and Lawrence. The memo I sent you previously (attached) suggests that the Town seek a Community Development Planning Grant to address the various water issues in the Old Mill District. I have spoken recently with Ron Harriman, who advises me that we are ineligible to apply for a community planning grant this year because we had a planning grant (Junction Revitalization) last year. Therefore, we would only be eligible to apply in 2003, with construction funds coming at the earliest in 2004. I recommend the Board allow me to ascertain the urgency of this matter from those involved, and apply for the planning grant next year if it can wait, and if it cannot, try for the construction funds next year, although the application will likely be weaker without pre-engineering planning having been accomplished.

6. Recycling Charges: We currently charge the carrier for recyclables from the Rockwood Transfer Station $35/ton for cardboard, mixed paper, and newsprint. We do not charge anything to the carrier for recyclables from Lily Bay, which I authorized to bring to Greenville’s facility when the prices for commodities were exceptionally high. I recommend that $35/ton be the standard for accepting recyclables from any outside entity.

7. Appointment of Licensed Plumbing Inspector (LPI): Despite numerous efforts by Representative Sharon Libby Jones and also myself to have the State Planning Office continue to "grandfather" LPI Ed Jackson in his certification as an LPI, these efforts have failed. As of midnight, January 1, 2002, Ed will no longer be a Licensed Plumbing Inspector in the State of Maine. Ed does not want to seek the lengthy process of recertification, and therefore plans to retire from the trade.

The Town of Greenville needs to have a replacement for Ed. The State of Maine has provided us with the name of a LPI who lives in Caratunk. His name is Will Kirshner, and he has asked to meet with me on Monday, January 7 to discuss his qualifications. Dick Gould also plans to attend. I would like to invite members of the Board (at least one) to attend this meeting as well. It is crucial that Greenville have an LPI on Board as soon as possible. Although there may be others to consider, I would recommend the Board appoint someone who is immediately available to work as our LPI for at least until a long-term appointee can be decided.

8. Property Values: Bob Duplissea will be in the office early in January: I would like the members of the Board to consider meeting with him to discuss how best to get our property values better in line with recent sales. The gap between the Town’s assessed value and the state’s valuation continues to grow. I recommend the Board plan a full Town-wide property value revaluation as soon as possible (which is likely to be two years away). Other possibilities include neighborhood or land classification factoring, which may help but will certainly complicate our system further. It would be helpful for the Board to discuss this issue at length prior to meeting with our assessor, and prior to charting a course of action.

9. Work Plan for 2002: I will present to the Board my recommended work plan for 2002. Please advise me on this work document as it is my map for where and how to devote my time in this coming year.

10. Warrants:

11. Adjourn

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