Greenville Selectmen's Meeting
January 03, 2001
Greenville Municipal Building

1. Minutes from Previous Meetings

2. Consider Special Town Meeting Components: There are numerous items to bring to a special Town Meeting. Here they are, in a nutshell:

A. Recreational Facility Use Ordinance: As you can see in the attached draft, this is written to address the Board's concerns about skateboard, roller blades, and bicycles on the Boardwalk and in Thoreau Park. The ordinance is written in such a way as to allow for the addition of other recreational facility regulations. The only other one I have added is the prohibition on overnight docking at the Junction Wharf and Floating dock by the Boardwalk.

B. Amendment to Police Department Budget: As previously discussed, in order to pay for full-time patrol officer David Johnson to go to the 18 week Maine Criminal Justice Academy, we nee dot appropriate an additional sum of money for the Police Department. Also, in order to pay for the one-shift-per-week reserve officer necessary for the new shift length, a smaller amount of money needs to appropriated additionally. I have attached the budgetary breakdown for these items (same as this past September).

C. Hows Corner Superfund Site Payment: In order to avoid interest charges, we need to pay the $3,393.43 requested by the EPA through the consent decree the Town agreed to this Fall by January 18, 2001. If we wait and pay the full amount by the last date to make payment (May 15), we will owe an additional $67.22. This is a small fee, but one which we can avoid in majority if we act soon.

D. Tax Increment Financing District: Two meetings ago, the Board of Selectmen instructed me to seek a Tax Increment Financing District for businesses within the Industrial Park, an act spurred by a request for a TIF by Moosehead Cedar Log Homes. Work is proceeding on this by EMDC. I expect the proper language to be ready for TIF approval in time for this special Town Meeting.

E. Other possible ordinances: Some other possible ordinances which you may want me to draft for you include restrictions on public nudity, penalties for plowing snow into the road, and truck weight limits.

F. Permission to apply for CDBG Funds (Planning Grant): This will pave the way for permission for the Town to receive this planning grant funds for the Junction Revitalization (saves us a step in Phase II of application).

Possible dates for the Special Town Meeting include Tuesday, January 30, Wednesday, January 31, Tuesday, February 6, or Thursday, February 8, 2001. A public hearing on the ordinance changes would have to be held prior to the meeting.

3. Request for Winter Maintenance on CC Road: At the request of the Board of Selectmen, Roxanne Lizotte and I have researched the maintenance history of this road. I will have a report for you at the meeting. There will likely be several options for how to proceed.

4. Airport Work Plan: The Airport advisory committee will meet January 11. I will have for you at the meeting a draft listing of projects and costs for the coming year. Of particular interest to the advisory committee, I believe, will be hangar development. I would like to discuss with you how the Board would like hanger lots to be developed at the airport in the short-term.

5. Warrants

6. Adjourn

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